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Training seminar on the theme: audit of bank charges/agios & recovery of overpayments – Kribi

This training was organized as a follow-up to one of the strong recommendations made following the audit of the PAD bank accounts for the period January 01, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

Mindful of the abnormalities identified during the audit, it was deemed necessary to transfer competence to the staff of the accounting and finance departments of PAD. The overall essence of the seminar was to equip these staff with the skills necessary to review bank charges and agios so that they could henceforth adequately monitor bank invoicing and keep finance charges under guard.

The objectives of the seminar were as follows:

  • To provide the necessary prerequisites for the audit of bank charges and agios;
  • Transmit the appropriate tools to easily identify the risk of overbilling;
  • Provide tools for dealing with the risks identified;
  • Indicate the appropriate procedures for claiming overpayments.

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