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Special Missions

These are perculier and very high value-adding missions. They include:

Bank Charges Audit and the Recovery of Overpayments

The experience we have amassed over many years in the the management of companies’ finance departments and the audit of bank charges has enabled us to uncover the following:

  • The content of the Credit Agreement Notice (or support lines/credit facility), though negotiated, is rarely a subject for subsequent verification at the company level  given that the Finance Manager is ever swayed by the weight of prevailing affairs.
  • Some charges are surreptitiously billed by banks to companies (hidden costs) without them realizing it.

All these charges, commissions and agios linked to the running of the bank account significantly affect the net profit of companies.

The mission entails verifying a company’s bank invoicing, not only to detect any excessive bills by the bank, but recover them.

Following our work, we recommend and offer training to staff of the Finance and Accounting Department to transmit the know-how necessary to review their banker’s billing thereafter.

Business Ownership Transfer

The business transfer process has become a major challenge over the years. It can take the form of family transfer or external transfer.

Whichever form it takes, proper preparation is necessary either to give maximum support to the family transferee or get the most out of the external transferee.

AIMS/ SIMS (Assets/Stocks Inventory & Management Software)

This is a software built to facilitate inventory missions. With the aid of barcodes, geolocations, warehouse/localisation (aerial) videos, photos and final discharge(s) of assets/stock keepers, it gives access to remote supervision of inventory proceedings real time or subsequently throughout the inventory process and to team in charge.


  • Take advantage of the innovations brought forth by ICT to practice a real physical inventory management of a company’s assets/stock by monitoring all the assets (fixed assets and stock) and keeping track of their associated costs with exactitude, thereby improving operating results.
  • Eliminate the obstructions tax authorities, auditors and statutory auditors often encounter in their job during assets and stock inventories. This, our software does by giving them full access to aerial videos of locations, warehouses, images of assets and goods.
Special Missions
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