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Energy, Mines & Natural Resources

Companies operating in the energy, mining and natural resources sectors face resource depletion and raw material price risks. The demand and supply for these products is conditioned by the global economy. How these problems are dealt with is an ultimate determinant of future success or failure.

SFAI Global Network member firms offer a full range of services for companies dealing with petroleum products, gas, mining, etc..

The Case of African Countries:

Oil & Gas Sector

The oil and gas sector is divided into two sub-sectors: production (upstream) and distribution (downstream).

Upstream Sub-sector

This sub-sector deals with the exploration and production of crude oil and gas. In most African countries, this sector is operated by foreign oil companies. The disadvantage for African economies doing business with foriegn companies is that governments in most cases end-up signing only a production sharing contract.

In Cameroon, for example, this sector of activity is governed by two laws: Law No. 2012/006 of April 19, 2012 on the Gas Code, and Law No. 2019/008 of April 25, 2019 on the Petroleum Code.

No one can effectively operate in or render support services to a company in this sector without mastering these Laws.

Downstream Sub-sector

The distribution of petroleum products is a regulated activity in Cameroon. The price structure is set by the State through a public corporation. This sector mainly distributes “white products” (super, diesel, kerosene, jet A1), fuel oil and domestic gas.

Our management team has among, a member who has spent a long part of his professional career in the sector. He thus posseses the experience and expertise necessary to effectively render support services to clients in this sector.

Our team commands a perfect mastery not only of these laws but also of their accompanying texts of application. So, we have the capacity to guide and support you in your quest for optimal performance, risks management and the attainment of goals.

Forestry Sector

Companies in this sector operate exclusively up-stream. In other words, cutting and sawing. That’s why timber is exported primarily either as logs or sawn up into specific sizes. Furniture processing structures are still in their infancy.

This sector is governed by special taxation both nationally and in the Central African sub-region. Every country adopts a regulatory mechanism to compel these companies to add value before exportation.

Because of this shift many companies need the right partner to navigate existing legislation. This means we can offer you the right advice and assistance to optimize your performance.

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