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SFAI Cameroon welcomes graduates into the following departments every year:


A critical and analytical mind is needed in this unit where you will meet a group of interns rendering accounting and audit services to managers and partners. You will work with a large number of clients, spanning a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, movie and media, technology, agriculture, to name these, with varying sizes ranging from sole-proprietorship SMEs to large private equity companies, as well as listed companies.


To join this department, you must be a logical, analytical, performant and curious person interested in finance and can cope with the fast-paced regularly evolving business environment in which we operate. Our clients range from private equity firms to owner-managed businesses, and the services you will render to them will include valuations, tax structuring, financial due diligence.


You will avail services on tax measures to clients, thereby facilitating basic compliance matters and enhancing senior level advisory work. You will do tax calculations and file tax returns, carry out tax planning and advisory work.


The training is purely practical and based on outsourced clients accounting.

You will meet a team of interns and managers who oversee the outsourced accounting function for their clients. You will help the team provide all of the services routinely provided by a finance department to an organisation, such as financial accounting, management accounting, financial statement preparation, valuations and forecasts. You will also be engaged in any other impromptu finance project solicited by clients.

Internal Audit

This department is suitable for graduates studying for a professional qualification in Internal Audit.

Irrespective of your chosen course, SFAI Cameroon will equip you with ample experience necessary to begin your professional career on tract! We offer full study support to enhance your certification and professional training in a bid to to foster your personal and technical skills.

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